Dear friends,

I am Big Eyes and I invite you to join me and my best friend,
Fly Butterfly, in an amazing adventure through
The Hidden Forest.

  • Your little one will have a lot of fun and learn new things while following the whole adventure.
    The curiosity of the children will be stimulated by the new style of the vibrant illustrations.
  • This ebook is suitable for parents to read to their children, for young children who can read and solve simple exercises and for the ones who refuse to grow up.
  • The ebook can be easily read wherever you are, at any moment you wish, due to the various formats (Android, IOS, Windows) for your portable devices (mobile phone, tablet, PC tablet).
  • For the IOS version there is an option where up to SIX FAMILY MEMBERS will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.
Watch the presentation video below
  • The interactive book is available only in ENGLISH.
  • You can read the book by choosing from 2 options – YES or NO. There are 5 special pages where you
    have to decide which way you want to go and, by making your decision, the story takes a different turn. What is more, you can also follow Big Eyes and Fly Butterfly’s adventure by mixing the 2 directions –
    YES and NO.
  • If you choose YES, there are SMALL QUIZZES that you have to pass, but be careful! Not choosing the right answer 2 times in a row takes you back to the start of the book.
  • If you choose NO, you will read the story like a normal book.
  • There are 54 COLORFUL PAGES for you to read and discover.
  • Press the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS in order to navigate through the book.
  • This is a PAID application.
You can choose your device format and download the book
by pressing the buttons below.
This is a PAID application.

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